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My Story

After spending 20 years in Hospital Pharmacy I decided I needed a new challenge, so I completed an unrelated degree course as a mature student. A year or so later I stumbled upon my creative passion whilst seeking a minimal piece of glass for my home. I have always loved glass, but had never considered it something I could make myself. As a child I remember gazing longingly at my Mother’s colourful glass animal collection, which she gave to me quite recently. It encompasses such fond memories of my childhood and family.

I am self-taught and now work from my home near Norwich designing and handcrafting a small range of fused glass products. I adore the multidimensional beauty and tactile nature of fused glass and my love of colour and simplicity are the key inspirations for my work.




The added beauty of handmade is that every piece truly is unique. Products made with two layers of glass will also have characteristic little ‘champagne’ bubbles trapped between the layers of glass which further enhance the individuality of every piece. As such each product will differ slightly from the photographs, all sizes given are approximate and there may be tiny imperfections present. Additionally, whilst care has been taken to ensure the photographs are representative of the true colours please bear in mind the possible variants of different viewing devices and screen settings.


A number of different techniques and processes are used to form the designs. The main process involves specialist art glass cut by hand and layered before being fired in the kiln for approximately 18 hours at temperatures up to approximately 800 degrees centigrade. It is heated through a series of ramps (rapid heating) and soaks (holding at specific temperatures) in order to melt and fuse the glass together, then cooled slowly to anneal the glass fully. This process also ensures the strength and stability of the glass. Some pieces are fired multiple times using different firing schedules in order to achieve the desired depth of colour, texture and/or shape.